February 15, 2010

My First Real Snowman!

I was quite upset last week when I learned that all snow wasn't fit for making snowmen. That's why today was awesome...I made my very first real snowman!

The lesson I learned today? Snowballs are heavy!Ok, not the small ones, but I totally worked up a sweat rolling the bottom of my snowman. At least I got a workout!

It was worth it! I think Charlie...yes, I named him...turned out great! I was particularly happy about the fact that I made everything except his scarf. That was a gift from my sister a while ago! I had no top hat or coal, so I improvised. It was nothing a couple of tea-lite tins and a Sharpie couldn't handle! I salvaged a few branches from the neighbors' brush pile and voila! Charlie was complete!

I had a load of fun, and I can't wait for my next 'first' sometime soon...sledding!

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  1. Charlie is wonderful!!! We had a few of his straggly cuzins down here in Georgia over the weekend, but they're all gone now!


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