July 30, 2010

Freebie August Desktop Time!

Hi there! Sorry I've been MIA lately...I was busy with summer fun, then a summer tummy virus, which wasn't so fun. But I did get the desktop finished and I hope you like it! Though my husband has been in school throughout the summer, a lot of people are just going back at the end of August. So, I thought I'd go with a back-to-school theme! For those of you headed back, have fun and good job! For those of you that are already there, keep up the good work! (There are two popular sizes included...just check your resolution on your screen to see which one to use!)

Remember, I just assemble the desktops...there are some awesome 
designers out there where I get my supplies! 

Credits:  Papers by Deena Rutter, Audrey Neal, Gunhild Storiede, Jeanelle Page, Becky Young, and Dodie Sarchet-Walker, Red Kraft Alpha by Designs by Kristine, Map Flair by Macy Goode, Sunburst Flair by Tracie Stroud, Doodles by Mizz Kitten, Staple by Suzy Q Scraps, Smilie Brad from the Hello Sunshine Alpha by Kelly Mickus, Tape by Erin Clayton, Clipboard clip by The Scrapping Cop, Calendar by Sueli Colbert, and template Freeway Map 4 from Roadside Designs.

July 21, 2010

Beach Glass: My collection so far...

I have fallen in love with Beach Glass! Ok, it has a lot of names...beach glass, sea glass, lake glass, river glass. The name I see most for glass coming from a lake is Beach Glass, so that's what I call mine! Anyway, I got my collection out today to add my latest finds, so I thought I'd organize and take a picture of my progress. I love it all, but the blues and aqua are my favorites. Of course, those are the hardest to find around here beside the ones I have yet to see at all (reds, yellows, oranges, purples, and pinks). I haven't seen any marbles or any pieces that are distinguishable shapes either, but one can hope! I do have some cool beach pottery too...that's always neat to find! I think my collection is pretty fair, seeing as I just got started in late April of this year!

I have seen people call it trash. I suppose that's true, but I like to think of it a bit differently. I like to think that someone tossed what they thought was trash and the Earth took it and made a beautiful treasure for someone to find.

I am like a piece of beach glass...tossed by someone heartless, but tumbled, molded, and polished by time and The Divine into a colorful treasure, then washed up on the beach for someone worthy to find.

Thanks for stopping by today and sharing my collection!

July 20, 2010

For Today...July 20th

Outside my window...it is dark. I stay up way too late these days! Thankfully, it is nowhere near as hot as it has been lately!

I am wearing...jeans and a pink tee shirt, but I should be wearing jammies!

I am thinking...maybe positive thinking works better than I thought (yes I know that's not really a positive way to say it!).

I am thankful for...friends that accept you, faults and all. New friends and old friends alike...i feel like new friends are soul mates that are actually old friends I haven't seen in a while :-)

From the kitchen...well, it's too late for it, but popcorn. Try the Lightly Salted kind from Orville Redenbacher!

I am creating...well, computer issues are keeping me from creating anything digital, and a lack of funds is keeping me from traditional crafting, so... I'm in a rut right now!

I am reading...Spiritual Fitness by Nancy Mramor, Ph.D.  PLEASE go get this book!

From the learning rooms...I am researching canning since it's been a while. I love making homemade goodies and I have about seven quarts of fresh picked blue berries waiting to be made into something yummy!

I am hoping... for the will power to keep up with my positive changes. I will not beat myself up for eating one thing that might be a bad choice, or for skipping out on one day of walking. I will get back on the wagon when I fall off and keep on trucking!

I am hearing...my poor fur baby Pumpkin up in the bed room wondering where Mommy is...who knew such a small cat could meow so loud?!

I am going... to stick to my journaling, and make sure I keep my positive affirmations in mind to crowd out the negativity. I will be a healthier happier person, regardless of my weight or financial status. I am worth it!

Around the house...well, I need to vacuum AGAIN (thanks to the dog), and more laundry. Oh, and I need to get the coffee pot ready for my hubby in the morning! Gotta have that go-go juice!

I am remembering...a quote from the current book I am reading. Nothing has meaning except what you give meaning.

Quote to commit to memory..."Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it" ~Goethe

A few plans for the week...well, house work! I will journal, take time for myself, slow down and appreciate the little things, exercise, eat right, and say at least one positive thing about myself every day.

On of my favorite things...picking blueberries on a farm in the morning with friends!

From my lens...speaking of blueberries! This is a few shots of the fresh blueberries Deanna, Mary, and I hand picked at Conn's Farm here in North East. Like my friend Shauna said: "Look at all those antioxidants!"

July 16, 2010

Summertrip to Niagara Falls, NY!

I was super excited for weeks in anticipation of my new friends visiting me, and now I can say we had a blast while they were here! I met Deanna on Facebook through our shared love of Digital Scrapbooking, and we became fast friends. Though we have chatted online and know one another for quite a few months, the distance between us prevented us from actually meeting. Until this week! Like me, Deanna loves a road trip, so she and her daughter decided to make the long trek up from Savannah to stay here in Erie and let me show them the sights! Plus, we had to go the extra hour and a half to see Niagara Falls! We had so much fun while they were here. We did all sorts of things, but this post, I'm focusing on our trip to The Falls!

I had been once or twice before, but they had never had the experience. I couldn't wait to see their faces! Deanna was so generous and made sure we all got tickets for the ultimate Falls experience! We took a guided tour...blessedly, on an air conditioned tour bus! (Of course we are having a heat wave the only week I have Southern friends visiting!) We started out getting on the Maid of the Mist boat ride first. The Maid takes you right up to the foot of the Horseshoe Falls, past the American and Bridal Veil Falls. It's amazing, as you float past Canada, to see the Falls from the bottom. It's a life changing experience to see how awesome God's creation can be at it's peak. Just breath taking...

The American Falls as seen from The Maid of the Mist

Thanks to Deanna for the pictures by the way...I took some but I am completely unable to upload them to my computer at the moment. She did a beautiful job! )And you can probably check out more soon over at her blog, Searching Savannah!) I can barely remember all of the awesome facts we heard, but one jaw dropper is that a whopping 150,00 gallons go over the Falls every second!!! And that isn't all. Since the United States and Canada both divert water from the Niagara River to produce hydroelectric power, the amount of water going over the Falls is usually only twenty-five to fifty percent of what could be flowing! The falls have moved over thousands of years, because of erosion, and actually started 12,500 years ago seven miles further up the Niagara River where the Whirlpool is located currently. We took our air conditioned bus to the cliffs above the Whirlpool. Just WOW! I was expecting a small pool...maybe the size of a large building. The Whirlpool is huge! We didn't stay there too long...we headed back to the main part of the Falls for the Cave of the Winds tour!

There are no two ways about it...you will get wet! Sure, you get a snazzy yellow rain poncho, and some awesome shoes to wear, but you will still be soaked when you get back from The Cave of the Winds! I wish I had more pictures, but to tell you the truth, I would have ruined my camera and camera phone if I took anymore! We were dripping by the second deck...I have no idea how anyone actually got out there to build those things! But here is what Deanna shot, and they are great! I wish you could hear the Falls from the decks...everyone should experience that tour!

The very top deck, behind that green rock on the very right side, is called The Hurricane Deck. Because of the way the Bridal Veil Falls has eroded, there is a lot of wind pushed from the cave behind the water fall. Yeah...there was no taking a picture on that deck...there was barely any talking! Talk about wind! I wish they had rated it by the scale...but I would say it was a Category One, or else one couldn't get off the deck at all! This tour ended the up close and personal part of the tour. We were taken to Goat Island (named for the lone goat that survived a harsh winter in the 1800's) and stood on US soil, next to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls. We stayed all day and finished up our experience with the fireworks show over the Falls around ten p.m. Just beautiful! 

Everyone should experience Niagara Falls at least once! It was amazing my first time, but walking the Cave of the Winds was definitely amazing and I will never forget it...and all while getting to know my new friends! I want to thank them for coming and having fun with me, and for sharing such an amazing experience!

See the Maid of the Mist in the far right hand corner? Looks small, but that's one big boat!

Me with my new friends from Savannah! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I'll try to edit more of the pictures I got and that Deanna gave me...and hopefully, I'll post about our other shenanigans soon!

July 10, 2010

Wine Country, Pennsylvania Style

I recently read a review of the Northwestern PA and NY winery region that called the area the "Napa of the East." I love that! So, when my friend Macy told me our group was going to have another template challenge, I thought I'd highlight my new hometown. About two weeks ago, I took an ambitious seven mile trek, and around here, that means I was surrounded by vineyards for most of my hike. It's very peaceful, walking through grapes. I had to take pictures. There are many more wine related pages to come, believe me!

So, for those of you looking for a challenge, remember to stop by the Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous Facebook Group some time Monday and check out the new Template Challenge that's coming! If you just like looking at layouts, head to the main photo gallery for loads of inspiration!

Thanks for stopping by an sharing my new page... Wine Country.

Photo mask: Gunhild Storiede
Template: Roadside Designs FreewayMap3
Frame, papers,grapes,wine bottle, and corkscrew: Raspberry Road Designs
paper (blended): Joyce Paul Designs
Stains: Tracey Monette
Word art by Melissa Sherbon (me!)
Font: Jellyka BeesAntique Handwriting

July 7, 2010

Inspired by Water

Water is a theme in my life. Of course, I would much rather it be the ocean, but living here on Lake Erie isn't awful. At least it is large enough for waves, and there is the added fun of treasure hunting for sea glass! The best thing about it though? Definitely the sunsets. I have had nearly everyone I've met here tell me Lake Erie sunsets are some of the most beautiful on Earth. After seeing a few, I have to agree. So, when the group I belong to on Facebook (Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous...come join!) posted it's newest challenge, the first thing I thought of was my most recent sunset picture! It's called Embrace the Space, and the point is to use a lot of white space or negative space in your lay out. I love this technique, especially since it lets you show case your larger photographs. I also love challenges because they get the creative juices flowing. I had so many ideas, I am working on more pages...but for now, here is my page inspired by our beautiful Lake Erie sunsets!

Photograph and Word Art by me! (Quote found on Goodquotes.com)
Paper by Trish Heffern Designs "A Splash of Spring"
Torn paper strip by Gunhild Storiede "Edges"
Fonts used, Jellyka Saint Andrew's Queen and Jellyka Bees Antique Handwriting

July 6, 2010

For Today...July 6th

Outside my window...it is already getting hot! I am up and at'em early so I can get my jog in before the heat sets in too much. I thought it was supposed to be cooler up here!

I am wearing...jammies, but about to change to my workout things.

I am thinking...about all the fun things to show my friends when they finally get here next week!

I am thankful for...God putting the book Spiritual Fitness in my path. It really is the best self help type book I have ever read.

From the kitchen...coffee and Apple Jacks with added fiber. Oh, and a big fat bottle of water.

I am creating...well, maybe later I'll work on the Embrace the Space Challenge for the Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous Facebook group :-)

I am reading...Spiritual Fitness by Nancy Mramor, Ph.D.  PLEASE go get this book!

From the learning rooms...My hubby is up and off to school after one day off for the Fourth of July. He is still making all A's!

I am hoping... that I can break through this plateau and lose some more weight. I really thought I'd be different, but I guess nearing 30 really is catching up with me...

I am hearing...a lot of big trucks passing today. Which reminds me... I need to take the trash out to the curb! <running out the door>

I am going... to stick to my journaling, and make sure I keep my positive affirmations in mind to crowd out the negativity.

Around the house...more vacuuming, clothes to wash, and laundry to fold. Goo thing I got up earlier!

I am remembering...what I read earlier this week. That I wouldn't treat a best friend harshly and judgmentally, so why do I treat myself that way? What a life changing sentence.

Quote to commit to memory..."Self esteem and self love are not sinful. They make living a joy instead of a chore." ~Bernie Siegel Love, Medicine, and Miracles   from my reading of Spiritual Fitness.

A few plans for the week...well, house work! I have friends coming to visit and I should really try to get the house as straight as possible! Other than that, journaling, exercising, and beginning my meditation practices.

On of my favorite things...searching the local beaches for sea glass with my hubby! He surprised me with a beach stop yesterday and he spent time trolling. It was so much fun!

From my lens...this was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning! My Pumpkin always sleeps with me, but she was super snuggled in this morning. I had to get a picture...thank goodness my phone was near by!

July 2, 2010

Fourth of July Freebie!

Here's a little something I wanted to share in celebration of July Fourth! Happy Independence Day Everyone!