April 13, 2010

For Today...

For Today...
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Outside my window... beautiful, but slightly chilly. At least it isn't cold enough to stop the daffodils!

I am thinking... what to scrap today...I have beach on the brain!

I am thankful for...friends. You know who you are!

I am wearing... jeans and my favorite too-big long sleeve tee. Is there anything better than your favorite shirt?

I am going... to have to make banana bread soon. Especially since my husband was hinting around for it :-)

I am currently reading...7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying Your Many Intelligences by Thomas Armstrong

From the learning rooms... did I mention how proud I am of my husband? He is doing so well in his classes! He made a 100% on his first algebra test, and a 96.2% on his first Theory test! I am SO proud!

I am hoping...that it warms up enough for my jogs. Even though I like my DVD workout, I feel a lot better when I get to jog.

Noticing that... I am really hard on myself in a whole host of ways. Also, that I should fix that, and that is harder than you'd ever think it would be. Maybe art therapy will help...scrap therapy to be specific!

Pondering these words... "You are fine exactly the way you are. Your curves, words, flows, strengths, thoughts. You don't need to change. You aren't ugly, fat, stupid, or worthless. You are you." ~unknown
I need to tape this to my mirror, fridge, and walls :-)

I am hearing... Wayne Brady, making deals. I still haven't decided if I like this show...

From the kitchen...well, I believe I am going to fire up the oven for some banana bread!

Around the house...I actually got the boxes broken down! I have more room, and light coming in through the window. More room to fill with the smell of baking!

One of my favorite things...the way my cat stares out the window after the car when Rob heads out for the day. Loves her Daddy...and its precious!

A few plans for the rest of the week: well, I should rearrange the closet and dresser. Other than that, I need to get back to my digital scrapbooking. These slow computer problems are killing me! I can't extract, but I can make layouts. I need to make something! Oh, and exercise. I said I'd stick too that... 

A picture I'm sharing... this is my sweet baby girl, Pumpkin. This was before we moved, so not her current window seat, but it was very becoming of her, so I thought it fit :-)

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  1. Awww! So cute! That expression is SO cat-like! lol How did the banana bread turn out? I LOVE homemade banana bread.


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