July 6, 2010

For Today...July 6th

Outside my window...it is already getting hot! I am up and at'em early so I can get my jog in before the heat sets in too much. I thought it was supposed to be cooler up here!

I am wearing...jammies, but about to change to my workout things.

I am thinking...about all the fun things to show my friends when they finally get here next week!

I am thankful for...God putting the book Spiritual Fitness in my path. It really is the best self help type book I have ever read.

From the kitchen...coffee and Apple Jacks with added fiber. Oh, and a big fat bottle of water.

I am creating...well, maybe later I'll work on the Embrace the Space Challenge for the Digital Scrapaholics Anonymous Facebook group :-)

I am reading...Spiritual Fitness by Nancy Mramor, Ph.D.  PLEASE go get this book!

From the learning rooms...My hubby is up and off to school after one day off for the Fourth of July. He is still making all A's!

I am hoping... that I can break through this plateau and lose some more weight. I really thought I'd be different, but I guess nearing 30 really is catching up with me...

I am hearing...a lot of big trucks passing today. Which reminds me... I need to take the trash out to the curb! <running out the door>

I am going... to stick to my journaling, and make sure I keep my positive affirmations in mind to crowd out the negativity.

Around the house...more vacuuming, clothes to wash, and laundry to fold. Goo thing I got up earlier!

I am remembering...what I read earlier this week. That I wouldn't treat a best friend harshly and judgmentally, so why do I treat myself that way? What a life changing sentence.

Quote to commit to memory..."Self esteem and self love are not sinful. They make living a joy instead of a chore." ~Bernie Siegel Love, Medicine, and Miracles   from my reading of Spiritual Fitness.

A few plans for the week...well, house work! I have friends coming to visit and I should really try to get the house as straight as possible! Other than that, journaling, exercising, and beginning my meditation practices.

On of my favorite things...searching the local beaches for sea glass with my hubby! He surprised me with a beach stop yesterday and he spent time trolling. It was so much fun!

From my lens...this was the first thing I saw when I woke up this morning! My Pumpkin always sleeps with me, but she was super snuggled in this morning. I had to get a picture...thank goodness my phone was near by!


  1. Lol! Many times we've run out the door when hearing the trash truck in the distance! Not here, though. They always come late in the day!

  2. The sunset photo is spectacular. Again, I'm blessed to be Jan Perry's cousin. . . otherwise, I may never have seen the beauty you captured and the way you made it memorable.

    One of our cats "insists" he is a person (or that we are also cats!) and he likes to sleep UNDER the covers with part of him on the pillow.

    May your life continue to be filled with breathtaking scenery and joy to fill your heart.


  3. thank you so much Cris :-) I wish the same for you!


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