October 21, 2010

Please Help Pumpkin Win!

Hey everyone! I have a favor...you can help my cat Pumpkin win a contest! See, artist Fifi Flowers is having a contest, for cats! She has posted the contestants on her blog and, starting tomorrow, you can go over to the contest post on Fifi's blog and vote for your favorites! I believe you have to choose six or eight of your favs, because the contest is to choose cats to include in a note card set.

     My beautiful baby Pumpkin is Contestant #2, and I'd love if you included her in your favorites. Here's an example of some of Fifi's work. I love how whimsical her paintings are!

      There are a lot of cuties posted to vote for, and I can't wait to see makes it into the note card set. Thanks in advance, and good luck to all the other contestants too! I hope I get to see my Pumpkin's portrait in that note card collection! Fifi has a lot of cool paintings in her shop, and some are of my favorite place...Tybee Island, GA and Mermaid Cottages! Don't just vote, make sure you check out all of Fifi's work while you're there! Thanks again!

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