January 9, 2010


Though the forecasters around here got everyone in a tizzy about the possibility of snow, we never even saw any rain...let alone a flake or two! I was a little disappointed...but not surprised. I mean, the last time this part of South Carolina got any accumulation of snow, I was too young to really remember it! I do have fond memories of the very few "snow days" in my life. My junior year in high school, there were enough flurries for school to be canceled, so I took my brand new film camera and drove around town taking "snow shots." It was basically normal shots...with white spots. I sure do like looking back at those from time to time though!

Last October, my husband Rob and I spent our first anniversary in Pennsylvania. Even though it was early October, there were a few days of flurries that were determined to stick, but never quite held on. The best snow pictures I shot by far were last January, in my home town of Jackson, SC. We were down visiting my grandmother, and while chatting over hot chocolate, Rob tapped me gently and just said, "Sweetie, look out the window." It was beautiful! Of course nothing was sticking, but the flakes were plentiful. They were like little dancers, gracefully spiraling through the air. It was the only time I can remember seeing South Carolina snow that I would call peaceful. Most of our snow comes with ice storms. I grabbed my camera and ran outside and spent at least two hours practicing macro shots. I love the memories of that day...the snow was steady all day, and even though it didn't stick, we enjoyed it just the same.

So, a few days ago when we didn't get the snow the news was calling for, I went back to my pictures to relive my 2009 snow day. I thought I'd share some of those shots here...in case some of you missed out too.

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  1. Wow! Very cool!!! I know they were talking about possible flurries all week here in Savannah, too, and, much to Mary's disappointment, there weren't any. I grew up in Los Angeles and there, too, were a couple occassions of snow in our area of the valley. Not that I remember. The first 'real' snow I experienced was when we lived in Indianapolis. Now that's snow! lol But still not as bad there as other places.


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