May 26, 2010

For Today... I'm a little late

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Outside my window: it is sunny and warm...finally feels like spring!
I am hearing: the chattering of the TV and the dog snoring in the corner.
I am wearing: yoga pants, a tee shirt, and my sneakers. Heading out for a jog later.
From the kitchen: Just had some Strawberries with yogurt and a small bowl of corn flakes.
I am thankful for: friends. If not for a friend's insight I wouldn't have made a huge self discovery that sparked a new journey. My how things change in a day or so, huh? I am also thankful for my supportive husband, who just accepts me for who I am and doesn't think I am crazy :-)
I am going: to keep following this path, even if I am afraid sometimes.
Noticing that: self discovery is exciting, scary, and amazing all at once.
I am reading: The Pull of the Moon by Elizabeth Berg
From the learning rooms: I have spent a lot of time the last few days buried in books at the book store! I have found out that I am not crazy. The way I feel has a name, and it is HSP. I am a Highly Sensitive Person. I always thought this was a bad thing, but now I know it is a divine gift. I am learning more about myself now, thanks to a friend who put me on this path last week. Highly Sensitive Person, Empath...they were all terms I had never heard before then! I can't thank you enough (you know who you are) for showing me this door, and for the help opening it!
On my mind: I am thinking of my best friend today, in Asheville, NC. Though I am unable to be there in body, in spirit, I am with him as he and a whole lot of other wonderful people gather to celebrate his mother's life. She was a wonderful woman, and I love that right now, there is a celebration of color and life  going on in her honor!
Quote for Thought: This is more of a affirmation than a quote. I read this while researching Reiki: 
"Just for today, do not worry. Just for Today, do not be angry. Just for today, have gratitude and give thanks. Just for today, be honest in your work. Just for today, be kind to all living things."
One of my favorite things: sea shells and sand in my toes
I'm creating: new ways of thinking for myself. Hopefully, this new path will open up my creativity in new ways!
Around the house: a sleeping dog down stairs, and a sleeping cat up stairs! I need to go for my jog before all these napping animals make me sleepy!
A few plans for the week: house work of course, but I plan on some more book shop trips, and I will try to walk/jog every day.
From my lens: My husband and I spent some time at Presque Isle in Erie yesterday, and I am thankful the lake front is so close to feeling like the ocean! I never cease to feel restored after a stroll by the water...

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