March 30, 2010

For Today...

For Today, The Simple Woman's Daybook
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Outside my window...
dark! I'm up too late again!
I am thinking...about all the artful ideas I jotted down while at the book store tonight. Inspired!
I am thankful for...student financial aid. Rob only had to cover $350ish out of pocket for his first term of school!
From the learning rooms...well, Rob had orientation today! He's returning to school and I am SO proud of him!
From the kitchen...I'm planning to try the recipe I saw Martha Stewart make today, then found in her magazine...Dessert Perogi!
I am wearing...jeans and a gray tee...standard me.
I am creating...well, the computer issue is keeping me from my dig-scrap passion, so I believe I'll try collage this week. I also have a secret fabric craft I am longing to try!
I am go crazy if this computer issue doesn't get better soon!
I am reading..."I Feel Bad About My Neck and Other Thoughts on Being a Woman" by Nora Ephron. Run to the nearest book store and get it...hilarious!
I am hoping...I can use collage to shake this bout of the blues I've been dealing with lately.
I am hearing...Jay Leno's Headlines. I miss Conan, but I like having Jay back that so wrong?!
Around the house...
a million things I need to do, of course.
One of my favorite things...a good used book sale! We stopped by the North East Library Saturday and got 23 (that's right, you heard me!) books for $5! I must explain, I could have gotten them ALL for $ was a bag sale ($1=all-you-can-fit-in-a-bag) but since the funds benefit the local library, I gave them all the cash I had...$5! This sale is where I got my current read!
A few plans for the rest of the week: odds and ends shopping while Rob attends his orientation, then getting used to EARLY mornings sending him out to his studies. Did I mention how proud I am of my husband? :-)
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

LIBROS! Pictures, Images and Photos


  1. Those kinds of book sales are great! We used to have tons of books! I really mean....TONS!!! But after moving them across the country a few times, I finally sold them all at a yard sale! Yup. It was tough. I go to the library now. Happy reading!!!

  2. Speaking of the library...I owe them 12 Washingtons for a lost book. [Facepalm]


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