March 16, 2010

For Today...March 16th

Outside my is dark and I am up too late, but I think Spring is on the way!

I am thinking...about the ocean. It really is a healing force for me.

I am thankful for...another day to start over.

I am wearing...jeans and a tee...and ankle socks
I am remembering...that, though I may feel differently about myself, there are people who think I'm pretty great for some reason. I am so grateful for those people.

I am creating...a birthday card for my father-in-law.
I am going... to bed!
I am reading...Leave the Building Quickly by Cynthia!go! buy it now! while you're there, get her other book Why I'm Like This!

I am hoping...that this low will hit an upswing...soon

On my grandmother and sister. I hope they are enjoying Florida and have a safe trip home!
Noticing that... the more you want the dog to leave you alone, the more said dog wants to get in your face.
Pondering these words...may you always have sand in your shoes and shells in your pockets.

From the kitchen...well, I suppose I should be planning a birthday cake...chocolate maybe.

Around the house...a snoring husband and dog. Lord help me!

One of my favorite things...walking barefoot on the beach just at the point where the water hits dry sand.

A few plans for the rest of the week: make the birthday card, and cake...stick to my exercising, and try to be more positive.
A few picture thoughts to share... I have been thinking a lot about the ocean lately and read about Sanibel Island, FL. I am now obsessed with thoughts of going! Here are some photos I found online from others' trips to Sanibel...
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Sanibel Island loggerhead Pictures, Images and Photos

Palm Tree Pictures, Images and Photos

Sea Shells Pictures, Images and Photos

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  1.'re having the 'I can't believe I moved here' blues, aren't you. Things will be better! The beach will always be here and Yes, you are a pretty great person!!!! So, start working on an Easter desktop for me so my computer will look pretty in April, too!!!!


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