June 28, 2010

For Today...June 29th-ish

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Outside my window: it is getting dark. I love the long days of summer when it isn't really dark outside until 9-ish!
I am hearing: the TV. My poor hubby has had a tummy bug and he's been in his recliner all day. Yeah, commercials are always louder than the shows...did you know the Monster Trucks are coming to Erie, PA?!
I am wearing: jeans and my favorite gray long sleeve tee...and sandals. Strange, it usually rains when I wear my sandals, so today was a good day!
From the kitchen: thinking about an evening snack of popcorn, maybe a nectarine.
I am thankful for: the fact that North East wasn't in the direct path of the funnel clouds that came through Sunday. We spent about 45 minutes in the basement, but thankfully for nothing.
I am going: to try to look on the bright side. I am reading that genetics predisposes my disposition but environment helps or hinders, so I will try to change it anyway.
Noticing that: I eat when I am bored or worried...and I tend to be either bored or worried. Why does it seem more difficult to lose weight now that I'm nearly 30, than it was when I was 20?
I am reading: States of Mind: New Discoveries about How Our Brains Make Us Who We Are edited by Roberta Conlan
From the learning rooms: Rob starts his new school term tomorrow...he made all As for his last term!
On my mind: money, family, health, friends...any and all of those in any configuration.
Quote for Thought:
One of my favorite things: my warm sleeping cat snuggled up to me while I read before bed.
I'm creating: hopefully a few scrapbook pages this week. I haven't quite gotten my mojo back...still in a creative funk.
Around the house: laundry to fold, dishes to wash, the usual.
A few plans for the week: I will try start back with my routine...I need to get up earlier and get my house work out of the way before I even sit down at the computer because it is a vortex that steals your sense of time!
From my lens: My favorite reading buddy...this was a rare moment my baby girl decided to pose instead of be a ham in front of the camera!



  1. Awwwww!!!! Cute kitty, posing so nicely!!!

  2. good to "meet" you!
    fun exercise w/your sentences
    & these furry creature do
    warm their way into our hearts!!
    have a great 4th!

  3. what a super fun blog you have! i am just LOVING these polka dots. thank you so much for making me smile. i can't wait to stop back again and read more :)

    best wishes to you!


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